4 Results (Polen)

For our customers we are the accelerators of development and change. Thanks to our services, our customers achieve more than average results.


AUREA productiva (Spanien)

Aurea Productiva was founded as a center for the concentration of expertise in corporate strategy.

The teams of our customers are supported professional, profound and resolutely with the necessary force to ensure the success and the expanding of their businesses.

LeanTeam (Niederlande)

Lean team implements QRM in companies. We use training, consulting, project management, interim management and coaching.

Quick Response Enterprise (Frankreich)

We help companies to grow in a rapidly changing corporate environment by implementing Quick Response solutions that integrate people into an agile, collaborative and sustainable operation.

QRM Danmark (Dänemark)


Qrm management center (Niederlande)

We are a center for knowledge, training and solutions. We collect and disseminate information, we develop and provide training and we assist companies in implementing QRM solutions.

sirris (Belgien)

Sirris helps companies developping, testing, and  in the effective implementation of technological innovations.