The people behind

Markus Menner - Managing Director
Markus Menner, Managing Director, certified QRM Specialist

My passion is the optimization of processes. I can look back at longstanding experiences as a consultant and manager for companies with different sizes and industries, such as part production, mechanical engineering, medical engineering, trade, services and IT. I first learned about QRM while attending a lecture held by Prof. Rajan Suri at RWTH Aachen. The concept immediately convinced and fascinated me. My personal goal is to spread the knowledge about QRM in the German-speaking world. I would like to present the incredible use of QRM to the German based companies.


Lucia Menner - zertifizierte QRM-Spezialistin
Lucia Menner, Sales & Marketing, certified QRM Specialist

For many years i’m concerned with organisational structures and processes in different business areas. Especially in the administrative context the slackness of middle and big enterprises caught my eyes in comparison with small companies. With QRM I got in contact with a method which holds the powerful motivation, profitability and swiftness of small corporations even in larger entities. This change of view in daily business, which is adaptable and motivating in many company areas, to have a unique goals for all teams and transparent, measurable outcomes mesmerized and convinced me. We – the team of axxelia – would like to introduce you QRM and the associated prospects off success for your company!

Florian Schneider - Dipl. Wirt. Ing. (FH) / Senior Consultant
Florian Schneider, Dipl. Wirt. Ing. (FH) – QRM Senior Consultant

Small- & medium-sized companies are the backbone of our economy. As CFO and partner of such an enterprise, I have experienced the challenges that these companies have to face nowadays over many years. High customization of products, countless variants and simultaneously the demand for shorter lead times and the constant management of rush orders seem to be inevitable in such an environment. The knowledge of QRM has allowed me to carry out my change of perspective – towards a time-based focus – in order to realize that many supposed goal conflicts can be easily solved from a new angle.

Now I have made my perennial hobby QRM to profession and I have the great pleasure to be able to take new enterprises on the “QRM-way” every day. At the same time I am teaching the principles and tools behind QRM at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg – for the first time in Germany – to facilitate future generations with the goal, that they are able to deal with the challenges of the markets of the 21st century.