Quick Response Manufacturing

What is Quick Response Manufacturing?

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a method to reduce lead times in the entire company. QRM helps you to implement a competitive strategy, which provides shortest delivery times and high delivery reliability as an (additional) distinguishing feature.

Because short delivery times are not bought with respective warehousing, a side effect of QRM is the significant reduction of costs and a clear rise in profitability as well as product quality. For example, on one hand non-value-adding activities and unnecessary storage of materials, intermediate and end products is reduced, on the other hand, turnover is raised due to higher market shares and product sales.

In contrast to Lean-Management, QRM concerns itself with the requirements of suppliers of highly customised products (i.e. batch- or contract-production, prototyping and contractors). The areas of operations are not only production, but all areas that take part in the production process, such as development/construction, sales and disposition.

You can find the essential approach to QRM in our procedure model.


The development of QRM began in 1993 under the leadership of Prof. Rajan Suri at the University of Wisconsin Madison together with industrial partners. Since then Prof. Suri has published several scientific works and articles, as well as two books about QRM.

Since its development, the QRM strategy has had remarkable success in hundreds of projects in companies in the US and Europe and has proven its practical relevance. Prof. Suri has earned many accolades because of his success from many renowned institutes, such as the American Automatic Control Council, the Institute of Management Sciences and the IEEE.

In 2010, Prof. Suri was inducted into the IndustryWeek Manufacturing Hall of Fame, an honor shared by other industrial greats such as Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Jack Welch and others.